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DIAL originated to bring the public and private sectors together to realize an inclusive digital society that connects everyone to life-enhancing and life-enabling technology. DIAL is staffed by a global team of technology researchers, developers, investors, negotiators, and policymakers. It is supported by world-class foundations and development agencies and guided by a Board of leading emerging market entrepreneurs, technologists and development experts.

With this leadership, DIAL is uniquely positioned to serve as a neutral broker, bringing together government, industry, and other development stakeholders to promote new solutions to old problems.



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Overcoming Land Data Silos : The role of data ecosystems in achieving global development goals

Policy Papers & Briefs
December, 2018

When disasters displace people, land records and geospatial data are key to protecting property rights and building resilience.When land conflicts occur, it is clear that conciliation efforts would benefit from access to data and evidence. In order for marginalized peoples and communities to gain control of their rights, there is no doubt that data, information and knowledge are indispensable.