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ΚοινήΥπουργική Απόφαση υπ’αριθ. 16190/1335. Μέτρα και όροι για την προστασία των νερών από τη νιτρορύπανση γεωργικής προέλευσης. Εναρμόνιση με την Οδηγία 91/676/ΕΟΚ.

Greece, Europe, Southern Europe

The Decree aims at implementing the provisions of articles 10 and 11 (paragraph 3) of Law No. 1650/86 “on the protection for the environment”. It also aims at harmonizing the Greek legislative frame with the provisions of Council Directive 91/676/EEC for the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources, so as to ensure that appropriate measures are taken in order to reduce water pollution caused or induced by nitrates from agricultural sources, to prevent further pollution of this kind and to achieve a better environmental protection.

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