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GROOTS Kenya is a network of women self-help groups and community organizations in Kenya. It formed as a response to inadequate visibility of grassroots women in development and decision-making forums that directly impact them and their communities. GROOTS Kenya bridges this gap through initiatives that are community-centered and women-led.

The network's objective is to "ensure that grassroots women are masters of their own destiny through their direct participation in decision making processes." Thus GROOTS Kenya's goal is to strengthen the role of grassroots women in community development by serving as a platform for grassroots women's groups and individuals to: come together, to share their ideas/experiences, to network and to find avenues to directly participate in decision making, planning, and implementation of issues that affect them.

Our Vision: A society in which women and their communities participate effectively in their own development.

Our Mission: To facilitate grassroots women and their communities to effectively participate in development processes.


Peer Learning Exchanges

Amplifying the Voices of Grassroots Communities



Outreach and Networking

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