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Campus du Jardin tropical
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Groupe de Recherches et d'Echanges Technologiques (GRET) (French, Group For Research and Technology Exchanges) is a non-governmental association supporting international cooperation, professional solidarity and poverty reduction in the countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. It was established in the late 1970s.

Its activities include implementation of field projects, expertise, studies, research, running information and exchange networks. The main spheres of attention are:

  • Access to Essential Services
  • Sustainable Food and Agriculture
  • Institutional Development, Actors, Territories
  • Information and Communication for Development
  • Microfinance and Small Enterprise
  • Public Policies and International Regulations.

The Association is financed mainly by the European Union, the World Bank, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Development Agency and also by the Asian Development Bank, Unicef, USAID and many others. 

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Cette journée consacrée au Sénégal a été motivée par l’agenda politique national : engagé depuis les années1990 dans un processus de réforme foncière, le Sénégal a vu s’achever, en juin dernier, les ateliers décentralisés aux niveaux communal et départemental de concertation autour du projet de réforme. La fin de ces discussions marque une étape importante pour la Commission nationale de la Réforme foncière (CNRF), en charge de faire aboutir le processus.

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The Mekong region Land Governance programme aims at supporting farming families, especially those belonging to ethnic minorities, in securing their equitable access to, and control over agricultural land, forests and fisheries. The programme aims at strengthening the effectiveness of reform actors through learning, alliance building and regional cooperation with a view to assisting in the emergence of more equitable and sustainable policies and practices in the region.

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