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The mission of the Imbaraga Farmer Federation is the professionalization of the farming profession to improve the welfare of farmers in rural areas and to change perceptions of the perception. Founded in 1992 by Rwandan farmers, Imbaraga is a peasant organization comprises of 94,324 farmer members today and located throughout 5 provinces in Rwanda that brings farmers together to share best practices and resources. The organization runs on member fees (about USD 2 annually) and contributions from non-governmental organizations. Imbaraga operates three overarching programs, including training farmers in the latest agronomic practices, linking farmers with viable markets (either through identification of markets or assistance with physical transporation), and assisting farmers as they adapt to new agricultural technologies to lighten their workload. The organization is structured at the regional level, whereby farmergroups of 30 farmers organize themselves into regional groups for the election of the federation's representatives. Imbaraga operates a full training center in Musanze, in northern Rwanda, that has the capacity to train 200 farmers each day. With a staff of 22 full-time and 50 part-time agronomists, they work to improve the technical capacity of their member farmers. Imbaraga has a long record ofconnecting farmers with partners such as research centers like the International Potato Center (CIP) or the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Rwandan government's Ministry of Agriculture and other farmer federations such as the East African Farmers Federation (EAFF).

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