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The Jersey Legal Information Board supports and participates in the free access to law movement.

The Vision

For Jersey’s legal system to be, and be recognised as, the global best for a small jurisdiction.


The Strategy

The Jersey Legal Information Board (JLIB) has created a strategy setting the direction of Jersey's Legal Information Systems for the next five years. In order to achieve its vision, the approach of the Board is a progressive and forward-looking one, exploiting emerging technologies. However, the Board will be sensitive to the way in which Jersey's legal processes have developed in the light of the Island's unique historical and social status.

Elements of the Strategy:

· To make the law and legal processes more accessible

· To promote the better co-ordination of Jersey’s justice system

· To support Jersey's position as a leading business centre

Jersey Legal Information Board Resources

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Library Resource
Jersey, Europe, Northern Europe

These Regulations are made under the Agriculture (Loans and Guarantees) (Jersey) Law 1974, which grants power to the States to provide for lending of money for prescribed agricultural purposes. The Regulations establish a Fund and constitute a Board for purposes of these Regulations and empowers the Minister to make loans to a bona fide inhabitant of Jersey who engages wholly or mainly in agriculture in Jersey.

Library Resource
Jersey, Europe, Northern Europe

This Order, made under article 12 of the Compulsory Purchase of Land (Procedure) (Jersey) Law 1961, sets out the procedure to be observed in proceedings of the Board of Arbitrators created under the Law to determine questions regarding compensation for land compulsorily acquired.

Implements: Compulsory Purchase of Land (Procedure) (Jersey) Law 1961. (2006-01-01)

Library Resource

A Law to control sales and leases of agricultural land

Jersey, Europe, Northern Europe

This Law provides for the control on the transfer of rights in agricultural land in Jersey. Sale, transfer or lease of agricultural land requires approval of the Minister for Planning and Environment. The Minister may refuse consent to any transaction or may grant consent either unconditionally or subject to such conditions as the Minister thinks fit.

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