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Persiaran Mardi - Upm 43400 Selangor
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MARDI Headquarters Peti Surat 12301 Pejabat Besar Pos 50774 Kuala Lumpur
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MARDI is a statutory body which has been mandated to conduct research in agriculture, food and agro-based industries. MARDI research endeavors for almost 40 years had fruitfully generated many new crop varieties and clones, animal breeds and its management practices. Cutting edge technologies in food processing and post-harvest handling are also developed for horticultural and livestock products. ICT technologies are being exploited in farm management and operations such as “precision farming” technology for rice estate, and yield estimation, using the imaging technology. New techniques are being developed in environmental management and optimum utilization of agricultural resources particularly soil, water and genetic resources.

Besides performing the contract research & development (R&D) projects, MARDI also provides technical services and entrepreneurship development in food, agriculture and other fields related to the industry. The technical services are in the forms of advisory, consultancy, technical trainings, analytical laboratory services and quality assurance, product development and processing and also technology upscaling.

Farmers and entrepreneurs that had adopted MARDI technologies had contributed to the development of the national food, agriculture and agro-based industries. This has made the agricultural sector a compelling contributor to the national economy.

As an organization doing research in science and technology as its core business, MARDI provides a pool of experts in relevant fields and contributes significantly to the global knowledge corpus.

All information, scientific findings and agricultural skills acquired from the R&D activities are channeled via publications, exhibitions, conferences and seminars at national and international levels.

To ensure MARDI is not behind in food and agriculture technology evolution at the global stage, liaisons with national and international research institutions, universities, and group networking is enhanced.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Leading In Agrofood Research and Innovation

Our Mission

Creating Inclusive Knowledge and Technologies For Sustainable Agrofood Sector

Our Goals

  • Generating inclusive and competitive  technologies and innovations in agriculture and agro-based industries for the wellbeing of society.
  • Strengthening the technological and services delivery systems to increase productivity of agrofood sector.
  • Empowering  conducive capability  and environment for agrofood  research and development (R & D)
  • Development of competitive agropreneurs and agro-based industries (efficient, sustainable, modern, global)

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