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Ndifuna Ukwazi is an activist organisation and law centre that promotes the realisation of Constitutional Rights and Social Justice – through legal, research and organising support to working class people, communities and social movements. The organistion works to advance urban land justice – that is the protection and promotion of access to affordable, well located housing in Cape Town; building inclusive and sustainable mixed use and mixed income communities; and supporting tenant rights and security of tenure in both private and public housing. Ndifuna Ukwazi also specialises in community based social auditing of service delivery; access to information and procurement monitoring at the local government level; budget analysis and advocacy; and activist education.

Ndifuna Ukwazi Resources

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A call for transitional housing for evictees in Cape Town
Reports & Research
June 2017
South Africa

As of 2017, the City of Cape Town offers little support to residents who will become homeless because of eviction, except a one way ticket to a relocation camp on the periphery of the city.  Good law led to a clear obligation to provide temporary emergency accommodation but was very poorly implemented. Relocation camps on the periphery isolate residents from community networks and affect their ability to access good services and income. 

Tafelberg Social Housing Submission
Reports & Research
March 2017
South Africa

This paper has been compiled by Ndifuna Ukwazi following extensive consultation with practitioners and experts in housing finance, architecture, social housing, city planning, urban design, and local and provincial government.

People's Law Journal No 1: Rural Land Justice
Reports & Research
March 2016
South Africa

The first volume of the People's Law Journal was written by the Land and Accountability Research Centre (LARC) in the Faculty of Law at the Universityof Cape Town and edited and published by Ndifuna Ukwazi. The journal explores a wide range of relevant issues including land restitution, elite capture, traditional leadership, mining and the erosion of communal land rights in the post-apartheid era

Wolwerivier Social Audit
Reports & Research
November 2015
South Africa

A social audit is a community-led process of reviewing of crucial documents to determine whether the public expenditure and service delivery outcomes reported by the government really reflect the public money spent and the services received by the community. Members of the community collectively participate in a process of verifying government (or private company) documents by comparing them with the realities on the ground and the experiences of the community. Evidence collected during the audit is then reported to the responsible authorities at a public meeting.

People's Law Journal No 2: The Urban Land Question
Reports & Research
December 2014
South Africa

The majority of people in South Africa live in its cities. Here, although apartheid spatial planning has formally ended, people are still struggling with its legacy. South African cities remain largely untransformed. Despite the Constitutional Right to housing and equality, poor and working class people still live on the outskirts of the city, far away from work opportunities, subjected to inadequate housing and violent evictions. This crisis calls for radical policy and action from our metros. This edition of the PLJ helps to present a few areas relating to the urban land question

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