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The New Agriculturist is international Bi-Annual journal published by Bioved Research Society, Allahabad,U.P., India located at Bioved Research Institute of Agriculture & Technology, 103/42 M. L. N. Road, Allahabad-211002, U.P. The journal is committed to promote growth and development of the Agriculture. All aspects of crop and animal physiology, modelling of cropping the agronomy, husbandry, engineering solutions, decision support systems, land use, environmental impacts of agriculture and forestry, impacts of climate change, rural biodiversity, experimental design and Bio-statistical analysis, the application of new analytical and study methods (including molecular studies). 



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Computers in the cassava field

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February, 2011

Cassava is the main staple crop in many African countries, but the crops are threatened by two major diseases, the cassava mosaic virus disease and cassava brown streak virus, which in the last years have destroyed almost 80 percent of cassava harvests in Africa.