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NRMC is a technical and managerial advisory firm in the development sector that provides evidence-based solutions for sustainable, equitable and inclusive development. 

Established in 2004, NRMC is engaged in creating impactful solutions that make a difference to the society. We achieve results at scale by catalyzing partnership with clients and communities. We believe in ethical business, nurturing talent to be courageous to push the limits of knowledge and discovering new ways of doing things.

NRMC experience, high quality skills, breadth of sectors, services make us preferred partners for public and private sector clients and partners in creating sustainable and scalable social impact.

We have a demonstrated in-depth understanding of sectors across project design and solution implementation. NRMC service offering incorporates all aspects of project and program management, development sector advisory, monitoring & evaluation and documentation.  Focused on rural and urban poverty, Team NRMC is a professional service provider. Our experience on planning, advisory, technical and management support encompasses the social, institutional and gender dimensions of development. We work with a range of clients which include Government, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, international NGOs, corporates and corporate foundations.

We constantly strive to understand community needs and aspirations, ensuring that we deliver contextual and impactful solutions on behalf of our clients and partners. With offices across six locations, we are able to provide effective and efficient solutions to clients and communities.

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Legislation & Policies
December 1948

This Act may be called the [Maharashtra Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act].

(2) It extends to the [ Bombay area of the State of Maharashtra ].

This act describes the legal definition of the land and the context related to land. This act also highlights the rights and laws related to land in Maharashtra, India.

March 1938

This Act may be called the West Bengal land Reforms Act, 1955. It extends to the whole of West Bengal [except the area described in Schedule I of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation Act, 1980, but not excepting the area included in the said Schedule, which, immediately before the coming into force of the Calcutta Muncipal Corporation (Amendment) Act, 1983, wascomprised in the

Legislation & Policies
September 1927


The document deals with reservation of forest, forest settlement, formation of village forest, protected forests including control and management of forest.

It delienates legal forest types and tenure typologies under them.

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