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ARNow! is an advocacy and campaign center for the promotion of agrarian reform and sustainable development. ARNow!´s mission is to engage the government in seriously implementing agrarian reform, by dint of waging nationally-coordinated campaigns for agrarian reform and sustainable rural development (ARRD), by putting in place policies and programs, and by bringing back ARRD as an imperative element for development and present in the national agenda. It conducts national campaigns on agrarian reform and issues related to it, and it supports local agrarian reform initiatives. Furthermore, it conducts of policy research, analysis and advocacy, carries out legislative lobbying, documentation of cases and experiences on agrarian reform issues and its implementation. Its networking and coalition building are also part of its mission.

ARNow!´s vision is to achieve peasant empowerment, agrarian and fisheries reform, rural development, sustainable agriculture, fisheries and food security, gender sensitivity and equality, and appropriate and adequate support services.

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