Governmental institution

Rwanda Housing Authority is a public institution based in Rwanda with its head office in Kigali city. It an agency under the ministry of infrastructure, legally established by law no 40/2010 of 25/11/2010 and published in the official gazette no 09 of 28/02/ 2011.The Institution started operating in December 2010. Rwanda Housing Authority was established in order to organize the construction industry as a whole and by doing so to spur Economic Development and Poverty Reduction which guide Rwanda’s medium-term development.


Regulate Housing, urbanization, construction and government assets management policies for sustainable development with priorities placed on the organization of planned Cities, Towns as well as Rural Settlements.


The overall Mission of Rwanda Housing Authority is to implement the National Housing, Urbanization, construction and Government Assets management policies through coordination, conception, development, monitoring and evaluation of actions and programs set out in its mission. 

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