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Community Organizations Rwanda Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Resources, and Forestry
Rwanda Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Resources, and Forestry
Rwanda Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Resources, and Forestry
Governmental institution




To initiate, develop and manage suitable programs of transformation and modernization of agriculture and livestock to ensure food security and to contribute to the national economy.


The Vision for is to modernize Agriculture and Livestock to achieve food security.

One of the key pillars of this vision is the transformation of Agriculture from subsistence to a productive high value, market oriented farming that is environmentally friendly and has an impact on other sectors of the economy.

The policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources is to increase animal production, modernize farming, reduce poverty, ensure food security and have surplus for the market. This will ultimately result in the increase of the standard of living of the population. The transformation of the animal resources industry can only be achieved if the constraints to animal production are reversed.

Strategic orientations

Ten strategic thrusts have been identified, as follows :

1. Diversification and intensification of plant, animal and fish production

2. Diversification of income and employment sources for rural populations

3. Linking products to markets and mainstreaming the agricultural economy into the national and regional economies

4. Sustainable management of natural resources, particularly soil and water

5. Organization, mobilization and capacity-building for producers and their organizations

6. Capacity-building for service providers, privatization and private-sector development

7. Creating an enabling institutional framework for the professionalization of producers and modernization of agriculture in Rwanda

8. Creating an enabling environment for productive investment and the development of entrepreneurship and employment in agro-industry

9. Redefining the role of the Ministry of Agriculture and redirecting its actions towards the sector programme approach in a context of decentralization

10. Promoting the gender approach and reducing vulnerability among disadvantaged groups

Four priority programmes

The plan of action focuses on four priority programmes :

1. Agriculture and Animal Resource Intensification

2.Research, Technology Transfer and Professionalization of Farmers

3. Value Chain Development and Private Sector Investment

4. Institutional Development and Agricultural Cross-Cutting Issues



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Farm Land Use Consolidation in Rwanda: Assessment from the perspective of the Agriculture Sector

June, 2012

Food crop production in Rwanda is predominantly dependent on the productivity in small- and fragmented farms. Raising productivity levels in smallholder farms therefore represents a vital means to economic growth and poverty reduction in Rwanda. Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) has embarked on a simplified land use consolidation model whereby farmers in a given area grow the priority food crops in a synchronized fashion while keeping their land rights intact.

Agricultural Intensification in Rwanda. An elusive goal fertilizer use and conservation investments

Peer-reviewed publication
January, 2001

Prior to the 1994 war, Rwanda had one of the best agricultural data bases on the African continent with a consistent time series on production, area, and yield data spanning the period from 1984 through 1992. This data base, drawn from annual surveys of a nationally representative random sample of approximately 1,240 farm households, was supplemented with a variety of specialized surveys conducted intermittently on topics such as input use, livestock production, natural resource management practices, non-farm income, etc.