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Uttaran, which means ‘transition’, in Bangla language, is a people centred organisation using a rights based approach to alleviate poverty, diversify livelihood opportunities and empower poor communities throughout the southwest region and gradually expanding to other parts of Bangladesh.  The core focus of Uttaran programs are human rights, land rights and agrarian reform, community based river basin management, sustainable water management, adaptation to climate change, ecological agriculture and food security.

Our vision & mission​

Uttaran’s vision and mission reflects our aspiration to work in partnership with local communities and vulnerable individuals to reduce poverty and improve lives.

Vision: A society with gender, class and caste equality.

Mission: Equip the disadvantaged people with the tools needed to deal with their social, environmental, health, economic and cultural issues and concerns.


We develop our strategies in partnership with local communities and marginalized groups. This people centered approach is vital to making sure that we are able to fulfill our goals.

  • Eradicate poverty by creating enabling environment for income, asset base for the poor
  • Promote environment friendly sustainable agricultural practices 
  • Ensure education, health services to the underprivileged and extreme poor
  • Ensure people’s participation and good governance 
  • Ensure quality of life in time of natural and artificially created disaster
  • Promote equality, human rights and social justice 


  • Organization and capacity building for the poor
  • Ensure sustainable livelihood practices for women and poor
  • Ensure women and poor’s entitlement to social services (education, health, safety net)
  • Raising voice, influence and agency of poor through advocacy, campaigns, lobbying and networking
  • Mainstreaming of rights, gender and inclusion issues 
  • Building pro poor partnership
  • Result Based Management (RBM) practices 


  • Accountability and transparency
  • Non-discrimination and mutual respect
  • Gender equality
  • Commitment
  • Team spirit
  • Creativity
  • Conservation of resource

Uttaran Resources

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Reports & Research
December 2013

Uttaran is the pioneer leading national non-government to promote rights for landless people of Bangladesh since 1985. Uttaran recently implementing a project namely Sustainable Access to Land Equality (SALE) in association with Department of Land Records and Survey under Ministry of Land in Bangladesh with funding support of European Union.

Manuals & Guidelines
December 2013

The land project of Uttaran combines a variety of interventions that, as a whole, should lead the reduction of extreme poverty and conflicts related to land and property ownership.

Training Resources & Tools
November 2013

The Overall objectives of the project is strengthening access to land and property rights for all citizens especially the poorest part of the community in line with the overall Access-to-Land program being implemented by Ministry of Land through DLRS.

Training Resources & Tools
October 2013

SALE project organized a workshop on monitoring and evaluation framework at proshika HDRC trust, koitta, Manikhonj from 08-09 October, 2013. It was mainly two days workshop for SALE project staff. Amar Krishna Baidya, TC- Knowledge Management Care Bangladesh facilitated the workshop program in association with Project Coordinator Mr.

Reports & Research
August 2013

Uttaran began work on the Sustainable Access to Land Equality (SALE) project to ensure transparency and accountability in land governance in December 2012. The project engaged communities in three pilot upazilas - to raise the awareness of vulnerable landowners about land administration, and to effect transparent processes for selecting landless people and for state land settlement.

Manuals & Guidelines
May 2013

Land survey and settlement is an irregular work therefore most land owners are ignorant or unconscious about this matter, as a result later on they fall in trouble about ownership. Especially, poor and marginalized land owners are mostly affected. At the time of survey the land owner face a great problem if the land is not recorded properly.

Training Resources & Tools
January 2013

Land sector is the part of the people's rights and governance as land administration clearly linked with people and land. Uttaran's staff and other team members need to know clearly about the rights and governance and how it linked with land registration. The training was organised by the Manusher Jonno Foundation and other external facilitators.

Institutional & promotional materials
October 2012

Uttaran is the pioneer leading national non-government to promote rights for landless people of Bangladesh since 1985. As part of its activities under land less people and state land settlement, it has already piloted the participatory land less selection process and state land identification.

Reports & Research
October 2012

This study highlights that access to khasland is a strongly political process where the collective movement played a pivotal role in shaping the livelihoods of land receivers. The paper shows that 1.

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2011

The complexity and magnitude of issues pertaining to land administration and management in Bangladesh cannot be overstated. The nature and volume of land disputes in the nation indicate the inefficiency of the land administration system and land dispute resolution mechanisms. Especially multiple claims to the same property-fuelled by the uncoordinated land recording systems-are widespread.

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