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Romy is a communications specialist and policy advisor with 18 years of experience. She has worked previously with Embrapa (Brazil), CIFOR, FAO, GIZ, amongst other organizations on topics such as community forest management, payments for environmental services and agriculture & food security.

For the last 8 years her work has focused on land governance while as a project manager. In 2015 she has supported the Global Donor Working Group on Land to advocate and secure the indicator 1.4.2 as part of the SDGs.

Currently she coordinates the knowledge creation work of Land Portal, while supporting the curation of land data. Romy holds a BA in Journalism and an MSc in Environmental Governance.



Coordinator of the Local Knowledge Engagement Network

The Land Portal is a Foundation registered in the Netherlands in 2014.

The vision of the Portal is to improve land governance to benefit those with the most insecure land rights and the greatest vulnerability to landlessness through information and knowledge sharing.


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