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The problems associated with land tenure in Ecuador are long-standing and have been characterized by the relationship between access, use and ownership of land, and by the problems of peasant and indigenous families and communities. These problems are also characterized by the direct and visible relationship with sectors that own large amounts of land, have access to the country’s political and economic power, and define what is necessary for the countryside, its problems, its agendas and its development policies. This relationship has influenced legislative agenda of recent years, leading to the design of a new land law that reflects the proposals of power groups in government and the current state discourse.
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Protest in the name of nature: A young woman sues the state of Ecuador

4 March 2022

Ecuador has elevated nature as a legal subject in its constitution - and still allows harmful copper mining. A young woman learns to fight back    Cenaida Guachagmira digs her pink fingernails deep into the damp, black earth. Her cardigan glows pink in the mist, mud sticks to her rubber boots. She…

Construcción de carreteras en países amazónicos podría deforestar millones de hectáreas

19 November 2020

La construcción de 12,000 kilómetros de vías en la selva amazónica de Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Perú y Ecuador durante los próximos cinco años podría causar la deforestación de 2.4 millones de hectáreas en las dos décadas posteriores

Community Participation and Inclusion during a Pandemic

Community Participation and Inclusion during a Pandemic: Recent Experiences from Around the World

20 October 2020

How can we reconcile the hazards of social interaction in a COVID-19 world with the importance of community participation to the successful, and sustainable, implementation of on-going land projects? The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all aspects of life and ways of working. From large cities to…



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Webinar Recap: Pandemic, social unrest and war echoing in the Amazon

29 September 2022

Indigenous and local leaders from Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil discussed how recent global events have put more pressure on natural resources in their territories, affecting their lives and relationship with land.

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Prindex - Perceptions of tenure security

Webinar: An introduction to Prindex, 28 November

Around the world, insecure property rights prevent families from feeling confident about the future, businesses from investing, and communities from becoming more productive. Hundreds of millions of us lack property security. This makes the world poorer, less free, and less just. There is a growing…