PRIndex stands for the Global Property Rights Index, an indicator of citizens' perceptions of the security of property rights, and this page only displays the results of the first pilot and testing phase run in 2016-2017.

The pilot phase of development and testing of the index took place in nine countries (Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Greece, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Peru and Tanzania) during 2016 and 2017.

A second phase of data collection, using a new improved methodology and planned for 2018-2019, is currently on-going and new Prindex data for 15 countries are now available on

Please note that the data collected during the pilot and the data collected during the second phase are not directly comparable, due to the improvements made to the Prindex methodology. A selection of relevant indicators from the new Prindex data will soon be made available on the Land Portal too.

The Global Property Rights Index is an initiative of ODI and Land Alliance supported by Omidyar Network, DFID and other donors. It aims to fill the gap in information about individual perception of tenure security by creating a baseline global dataset to support the achievement of secure property rights around the world.



PRIndex: Interactive indicators

Rate of property documentation

Perceived tenure security

The PRIndex dataset presented here contains indicators based on the pilot survey data collected in 8 countries with nationally representative samples.

Prindex - Perceptions of tenure security
Data provider: 
Land Alliance
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The indicators presented here on the Land Portal represent only a fraction of the data collected and additional information about the PRIndex methodology can be found in the first PRIndex report.

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