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16 December 2021
After adapting to challenges of COVID-19, 2021 turned into a very busy and exciting year for the global WOLTS team.
19 July 2021
Pastoral communities in Northern Kenya are pleading with their County Governments to allocate resources for community land sensitization and acquisition of title deeds. The community group ranches drawn from Isiolo, Marsabit, Samburu and Laikipia counties met in Laikipia North, in an event
23 June 2021
Kiryandongo – Uganda – As natives continue to resist illegal evictions, multinational companies opt to hire livestock as a new tactic to forcefully evict smallholder farmers from their land.
3 April 2021
Dzuds, a weather phenomenon characterized by extreme cold, used to be unusual. Now, they’re becoming the new normal. DALANZADGAD, UMNUGOVI PROVINCE, MONGOLIA — Clouds gather in the moody winter sky, and the wind picks up. As the temperature plummets, sheep and goats turn from the pasture where
20 February 2021
Main photo: A herder collects snow to be melted down into drinking water. The dzud is a peculiar weather phenomenon unique to Mongolia in which every few years a summer drought combines with a harsh winter. Nomadic herders can only despair as piles of dead, frozen sheep and goats stack up across
14 December 2020
All in all, despite COVID-19, the WOLTS team have had a highly productive year. In 2020  we've been adapting, taking stock,  writing  blogs, and  concluding  our pilot 'gender and land champions' training  programme in  Mongolia  and Tanzania.
10 November 2020
UNDP-supported project to benefit close to one million vulnerable people in a nation where climate change is threatening natural resources and fragile ecosystems  
22 October 2020
Main photo: The yak (Bos grunniens and Bos mutus) is a long-haired bovid found throughout the Himalaya region of south Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and as far north as Mongolia and Russia. (Used under Creative Commons license) Flickr/Arian Zwegers An innovative community-based forest
5 August 2020
CALL FOR INDIVIDUALS AND/OR ORGANISATIONS INTERESTED IN COORDINATING ILC’S GLOBAL WORK ON RANGELANDS AND MOBILITY DEADLINE 15 AUGUST 2020 TERMS OF REFERENCE We are launching this call to mainstream ILC’s commitment in support of pastoralists, mobility and security of rangelands for land
21 July 2020
‘WOLTS Team Perspectives’ is a new series of blogs launched in February 2020 by the global WOLTS team. In this series, field team members share their views about the impacts of the project’s action-research on gender, land and mining among pastoralist communities in Tanzania and Mongolia.
14 February 2020
The Land Portal Foundation is seeking a dynamic and highly motivated Information Management Officer to support us in leading the information and data sharing needs of the Land Portal.  The Information Management Officer will ensure the development of information partnerships, lead the development
3 February 2020
The Land Portal Foundation seeks dynamic and highly motivated regional consultants to engage with land-related data and research, to develop partnerships and to communicate land information. 

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