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4 July 2024
We are looking to hire a Senior Technical Advisor for a short-term consultancy to support us in assessing our data approach and technology and to lead a workshop for our board and staff for discussion during the Annual General Meeting of the Land Portal Foundation in October 2024 in Rome.
24 June 2024
The Land Portal Foundation seeks dynamic and highly motivated country consultants to conduct desk-research and assess; or review the state of land data and information in specific countries in Africa and Latin America. The consultant must be fluent in English and at least one or more of the
8 May 2024
The consultant or consultant team will be responsible for designing (in consultation with the Board) and then delivering a day of participatory and comprehensive DEI training tailored to the needs and goals of the Land Portal Foundation Board and Core Team. There will be approximately 17
23 January 2024
We are proud to announce the release of three State of Land Information reports, which detail the land information status in Mozambique, Liberia, and Sudan. These comprehensive reports provide an in-depth analysis of the current land information systems, legal frameworks, and data accessibility in
20 September 2023
The Land Portal Foundation and the Open Data Charter have released the report State of Land Information in Madagascar: An Open Data Action Framework for Madagascar, shedding light on the state of the land data ecosystem in Madagascar. The report serves as a comprehensive diagnostic tool and guide,
19 September 2023
Do you have experience in grant monitoring, financial, and personnel administration? Are you experienced in overseeing the financial obligations of a small no-profit organization?  Would you like to work remotely and offer your services to a small international team of enthusiastic and driven
8 August 2023
The right to land is a fundamental prerequisite to the other rights (economic, social, and cultural) that depend on land, and which determine the living conditions and social integration of Ethiopia’s rural and urban communities. In recent times, high rates of population growth, unregulated urban
27 July 2023
Minorities, women, and persons internally displaced face severe land tenure issues in post-conflict Iraq.
4 July 2023
Two comprehensive State of Land Information (SOLI) reports have been released, providing in-depth assessments of the land data and information ecosystems in Botswana and Zambia. These reports examine the availability of land information and evaluate its compliance with open data standards. The
18 April 2023
The Land Portal Foundation has launched a new Land & Investments Portfolio that unpacks the key concepts, terms, international frameworks and policies, and many other aspects critical to understanding how land investments affect society.
5 April 2023
The Land Portal Foundation reported another successful year in 2022, making significant progress toward their organizational strategy and monitoring and evaluation framework. According to their annual survey, 87% of users reported a positive impact on their work, while the website continued to
28 February 2023
The Land Portal Technical Advisory Group is composed of individuals with diverse expertise and a common inclination towards innovation and social change. This group has been crucial in providing guidance and on the ongoing operation, development and innovation of the Land Portal over the past

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