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January 2002

This paper argues that mining can not be considered ‘sustainable’ if indigenous cultures are rendered unsustainable in the process. Given that many remaining unexploited ores lie under indigenous lands, there is increasing pressure to mine on or near indigenous lands.

Peer-reviewed publication
January 2002

The paper shows that most women in Zambia and especially in the study area suffer from insecurity in land since they do not have secure title to land under customary tenure.

January 2002

Collection of ten papers looking at the impacts and issues arising from fuelwood use. Also case studies from a number of countries covering forest energy strategies and the development of alternatives.The papers included are as follows:Factors affecting fuelwood use in Taita, Kenya.Fleuret, A. 1983 Fuelwood use in Zanzibar town.Masoud, R.S.

Agreements & Contracts
January 2002

Contrato de prospecção , pesquisa, desenvolvimento e produção de mineras pesados nas áreas de Moma, Congolene e Quinga entre o Ministério dos Recursos Minerais e Kemmare Moma Mining Lda.

Estudos Avançados
Journal Articles & Books
December 2001

O MOVIMENTO DOS Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra, também conhecido como Movimento dos Sem Terra ou MST, é fruto de uma questão agrária que é estrutural e histórica no Brasil. Nasceu da articulação das lutas pela terra, que foram retomadas a partir do final da década de 70, especialmente na região Centro-Sul do país e, aos poucos, expandiu-se pelo Brasil inteiro.

Reports & Research
November 2001

Für den Energieexport nach Thailand will Burmas Militärregierung einen Großstaudamm bauen, für den Tausende Angehörige der Shan umgesiedelt werden sollen. Der Tasang Staudamm soll am Fluss Salween im zentralen Shan Bundesstaat entstehen. Teile des Gebietes sind bereits entvölkert.

Conference Papers & Reports
November 2001
South Africa

The paper asserts that in order to be effective it is important to work with and from existing tenure systems and to build upon them, rather than expect that they can be “demolished and replaced by efficient new systems”.

Reports & Research
October 2001

This report documents in detail the plight of villagers and the internally displaced in these two
northern Karen regions. Since 1997 the SPDC has destroyed or relocated over 200 villages here,
forcing tens of thousands of villagers to flee into hiding in the hills where they are now being

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