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Land tenure
Reports & Research
September 2001

This study relates to an on-going debate as to whether customary African land tenure must be reformed or converted to a statutory, individualised land tenure system (often referred to as a ‘titled’ system) as a pre-requisite to agricultural development.

Reports & Research
June 2001

The concept of use and benefit from natural resources for local communities in Mozambique occupies a central position in the formal government vision for rural development and has been given prominence in the policies that govern access to land use rights and forest and wildlife resources.

Reports & Research
May 2001

An American dentist travels deep into the world of Burma's Internally Displaced Persons, and discovers a people driven by fear into an uncertain future. Armed with a Colt .45, American dentist Shannon Allison is on a dangerous mission of mercy: to bring emergency medical assistance to Internally Displaced Persons inside Burma.

Reports & Research
April 2001

Food shortages, disease, killings and life on the run.Based on new interviews and reports from KHRG field researchers, this update summarises the increasingly desperate situation for villagers in these two districts. In the hills, the people of several hundred villages are still in hiding, their villages destroyed by SPDC troops.

Reports & Research
February 2001

Forced Migration in the South Asian Region:
Displacement, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution"

Paper submitted for publication in a book edited by Omprakash Mishra on "Forced Migration in South Asian Region", Centre for Refugee studies Jadavpur University, Calcutta and Brookings Institution Project on Internal Displacement.

January 2001
Sub-Saharan Africa

This paper begins by discussing Tanzania's increasing recognition of the need to bring individuals, local groups, and communities into the policy, planning, and management process if woodlands are to remain productive in the coming decades.The article finds that:central control of forests takes management responsibility away from the communities most dependent on them, inevitably resulting in

Legislation & Policies
National Policies
January 2001
Southern Africa

From the decree: "Considering that the UN document titled “Guiding Principles on Internally Displaced Persons” establishes the general principles governing the treatment of internally displaced persons; Given that Angola is a country with high numbers of internally displaced persons resettling and returning to their areas of origin; Having found it necessary to establish the rules governing the

Journal Articles & Books
December 2000

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