In the Search of an Assessment Method for Urban Landscape Objects (ULOs): Tangible and Intangible Values, Public Participation Geographic Information Systems (PPGIS), and Ranking Approach | Land Portal

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December 2020
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The effective assessment of urban space must link subjective and objective approaches. The main aim of the paper was to develop and test such a method of assessment in relation to one of the elements of the urban landscape called urban landscape objects (ULOs). The tested method fulfils the following requirements: (1) merges social and expert opinions, (2) analyzes diverse characteristics of urban space, (3) quantitatively presents the results of values assessments, and (4) features the simplicity of structure and ease of public understanding. The method was tested in relation to 34 ULOs located in three different functional sites within Lublin city (Poland). The result enables authors to answer three research questions: (1) How do people perceive ULOs located in different sites? (2) What kinds of tangible values possess different ULOs and how can they be expressed? (3) How can intangible and tangible values be merged? The general finding of the study showed that the Old Town features the highest ranked position in terms of all the values (mean aggregation index (A) ULOs = 0.64), together with the higher share of the most appreciated ULOs, whereas the Lagoon features the lowest ranked position (mean AULOs = 0.35), also statistically comparable with the Campus (mean AULOs = 0.45).

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Sowińska-Świerkosz, Barbara
Michalik-Śnieżek, Malwina
Soszyński, Dawid
Kułak, Agnieszka


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