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March 2006
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Copyright: © Menon and Vadivelu 2006

This paper is published in Conservation and Society, Volume 4, No. 1, March 2006 which mainly examine the detailed variations of CPR use across different agro-climatic zones and critically analyzing the implications of such variations in understanding of the commons.

It deals with four main questions around (1) variations in the extent and use of different CPR products across agro-climatic zones, (2) differential dependence on CPRs by farmers with different operational-size holdings, and (3) legal access to CPRs (de jure and de facto).

These concerns are critical to address the informed policy on the commons that explicitly addresses the potential of CPR-based livelihood strategies and implicit conservation. The paper is largely based on the NSS 54th Round data on CPRs. The paper divided into six main sections- introduce the context with brief literature review on CPR dependence, examine the de facto and de jure CPR access and use, the disaggregated account of CPR use in terms of fuel-wood, fodder and other selected items including non-timber forest products, distribution in terms of use across different operational size-holding categories of farmers and finally suggested improvement in large-scale surveys to provide more useful data to understand use of CPR in different agricultural systems.

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Ajit Menon, G. Ananda Vadivelu

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Environment and Development (CISED) was conceptualised by a group of scholars with the mission of promoting environmentally sound and socially just development by contributing critically and constructively to public and academic debates through interdisciplinary research, teaching and outreach issues at the environment-development interface.

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