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December 2015
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Guaranty of security of juridical act about lands is a more important difficulties in every country. Disregarding the independence of land registration system from the system of civil law and disregarding bases and functions of land registration system has resulted in making mistakes by judicial doctrine and precedent in order to propose proper suggestions for solving the problems related to land registration system and to sanction for juridical acts about lands.
Whiles presentation every solution in this scope must be proper regarding to protective bases of owner and third parties and two functional characters of the land registration system including “informing” and “protective” features.
land registration systems can be divided in constitutive registration system and confirmative one. This classification means land registration in any case, has a very effective role in credit of judicial act about of land although the degree of this effect is different depending on the system.

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Nasrin tabatabai hesari
Mohammad hasan sadeghi moghadam

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