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December 2015
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The construction industry, particularly the public sector, started drawing attention towards containing costs and increasing performance. This is why several public entities worldwide are promoting new strategies and adopted innovating approaches such as the Building Information Modelling (BIM). Countries like the UK, Germany, France and Spain are working on it through investments in the industry digitalization. In Italy, despite the fact that the growing implementation of information-based technologies is not supported by a governmental strategy, public calls for tender requiring BIM have been set up. In addition, in order to benefit from a BIM-based approach, cooperating processes are being arranged to involve several parties from the very first stages of the project itself. This way flaws will be sorted out in advance and out of the construction site, and at the same time ideal solutions will be identified for the entire building lifecycle. Within the BIM methodology, a key role is played by Model Checking, which enables verification and validation of all projects, not only in the design phase, but also throughout the process phases. In order to guarantee reliable results, an initial pre-check should be carried out, the so called BIM Validation. This validates the data content of the Information Model and subsequently carries out analyses such as Clash Detection and Code Checking. The Information Model must come out of a meticulous modelling phase, in order to validate its geometric and alphanumeric content and ensure reliable results first, and then proceed with subsequent BIM-based analyses.

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Angelo Luigi Camillo Ciribini Silvia Mastrolembo Ventura Marzia Bolpagni
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