Land Rights, Land Disputes and Land Administration in Bangladesh—A Critical Study | Land Portal
Land Rights, Land Disputes and Land Administration in Bangladesh—A Critical Study

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September 2015
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doi: 10.4236/blr.2015.63019.
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The article examines the various ways to ensure land rights and also recommends different mechanism to settle land dispute. It is also intended to highlight the problems of present land administration of Bangladesh and to suggest the reformation of the land administration for proper management of land. Land turns around the life of the people of Bangladesh. The present land laws, land administration and land management in Bangladesh are not only full of intricacy, procedural difficulties and mismanagement but also not accessible and responsive to the interest of the common people of the country. Furthermore, the present mechanism to settle land dispute is not time saving, cost effective, peaceful and sophisticated. If the land laws are made public spirited and land administration is made well-structured in the sense of good governance, e-governance and development, land interest of the common people is upheld and land disputes are settled with public satisfaction and confidence, a revolutionary change may bring about in the socio-economic development of the common people.

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Shahidul Islam, Golam Moula, Mominul Islam

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