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Library The impact of HIV AIDS on land rights: case studies from Kenya

The impact of HIV AIDS on land rights: case studies from Kenya

The impact of HIV AIDS on land rights: case studies from Kenya

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December 2003
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This study explores the relationship between HIV/AIDS and land rights in Kenya, with a particular focus on women as a socially vulnerable group. It examines: the ways that HIV/AIDS-affected households are coping in terms of land access, use and management; the consequences of these coping strategies on security of access and rights to land; and how changes in land tenure, access and rights to land among different categories of people are affecting agricultural productivity, food security and poverty. The report also explores the future policy implications for land tenure arrangements for HIV/AIDS-affected households and identifies policy interventions for securing land rights of people affected by HIV/AIDS.Recommendations for legislative considerations focus on the land-tenure insecurities of women and children as vulnerable groups, and under-used agricultural land in areas badly hit by HIV/AIDS. Although the existing land registration process and dispute regulation serves vulnerable groups to a certain extent, the study identifies a number of shortcomings which need to be addressed. Finally, the study makes a number of recommendations for consciousness raising, including: a proactive communications policy; training on land policy, procedures, rights, gender equality, HIV/AIDS and stigma; and developing regulations to guide and monitor land officials’ performance. [adapted from author]

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M. Aliber
C. Walker
M Machera
P. Kamau
C. Omondi
K. Kanyinga

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