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Library Land Portal Annual Report 2019

Land Portal Annual Report 2019

Land Portal Annual Report 2019
Empowering Communities Through Land Information
Land Portal Annual Report 2019

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June 2020
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The interrelationship between secure land rights and economic development has gained increasing recognition, as a driver of economic development around the world. For indigenous peoples and communities, women and other vulnerable groups, secure land rights are fundamental for reducing poverty and boosting their shared prosperity. However, two-thirds of the world’s population still does not have access to secure tenure.

Most countries have laws, rules and regulations that are intended to provide a framework for enabling people to access secure land rights, yet these policies are rarely implemented or followed. Providing access to land data and information to those with the most insecure land rights is essential for genuinely sustainable development.

At the Land Portal, we make sure that information is open and accessible, with a focus on levelling the playing field and removing barriers that exclude community-sourced data and local perspectives. We leverage land governance data and information to provide timely analysis, disseminate knowledge and create country-focused knowledge products that support inclusive, scalable interventions.

We are catalyzing fundamental changes. The three pillars of our work – Inform, Open and Debate – enable the Land Portal to improve land governance systems around the world. The Land Portal has become the most visited website in the land sector and is leading the way in democratizing the land information ecosystem and opening up land governance information at all levels. We are promoting and enriching the global debate on key land issues and increasing accessibility for those working to create secure land rights for people around the world.

Our work would not be possible without the support of our donors, partners, board and team who are all committed to empowering communities through land information.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Laura Meggiolaro

Team Leader

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