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Library Land Law, 1995.

Land Law, 1995.

Land Law, 1995.

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A Law to regulate relations with regard to land possession and use by citizens, economic entities and organizations.The 60 articles of the Law are divided into 8 Chapters: General Provisions (1); Mongolian Land Unified Fund and its Basic Classification (2); Land for Special Needs (3); Power of State and Local Self-governing Organizations regarding Land Relations (4); Land Organization, Land Unified Fund Register and Report (5); Land Possession and Use (6); Efficient and Proper Land Use and Protection (7); Other Provisions (8)."All land within the state boundaries of Mongolia constitute the Land Unified Fund, notwithstanding the type of ownership" (art. 9(1)). Article 10 provides for a classification of lands into agricultural land, urban land, roads and communication areas, forest fund land, water fund land and reserve land. Chapter 3 provides for the "taking away" of land for specified special needs. State-owned lands may be given into possession to Mongolian citizens, economic entities and organizations on a contract basis on the terms and conditions stipulated in this Law (art. 27). Rights of possession of citizens may be inherited (art. 29). Articles 45 and 46 deal with land use by foreign or international legal persons and economic entities with foreign investment. Article 51 provides for the proper use of pastures and their protection. Moreover, the Law provides for the granting of quality national certificates issued by a professional organization empowered by the Government to do so.

Implemented by: State Great Khural of Mongolia Resolution No. 78 concerning some measures to implement the Land Law. (1994-11-11)

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