Ministerial Decree No. 1836 of 2011 licensing procedures for the construction of premises and buildings on agricultural land. | Land Portal

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This Decree provides for the conditions and procedures for the licensing of building premises and facilities in exceptional cases on agricultural land. It is composed of 21 articles. Article 1 states that this Decree is mainly concerned with agricultural land already cultivated. The Decree prohibit the establishment of any facility or building outside of the urban boundaries, or in any areas that lack strategic planning. It also sets forth the types of land (exceptional cases) which can be used either for governmental projects of public utility, or projects that serve agricultural and livestock production, or privately owned land.In all of the previous cases, the consent of the Ministry of Agriculture is required. The Decree provides for the documents and administrative issues needed for the request of establishment or all premises as well as for public welfare projects. According to this degree, exceptions are also made to projects serving agricultural production, and livestock and poultry providing for technical requirements on location and distances as well as allowing the inter-change of activities between projects.

Repeals: Ministerial Resolution Law No. 985 of 2009 defining requirements and controls for building on agricultural lands outside the urban cordons approved for villages and cities including cases excluded (A,B) of article II of the Construction Law No.119 of 2008. (2009)
Repeals: Ministerial Decree No. 1140 of 2009 amending Ministerial Decree No. 985 of 2009 defining regulators for building on agricultural lands outside the approved urban cordons of towns and cities. . (2009-08-25)

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