Soil Water Dynamics Affected by Micro Rainwater Harvesting Structures in Jordanian Badia Restoration Context | Land Portal | Securing Land Rights Through Open Data

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June 2019
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The objective of this study was to model and analyze the influence Vallerani rainwater
harvesting (RWH) structures have on the soil moisture dynamics in the Jordanian Badia
and to test viability of these structures when influenced by climate change. HYDRUS-2D
was used for the modelling. A three-month fieldwork was performed to set up and
calibrate the model. The results show that most of the soil moisture is located
underneath the furrow of the Vallerani RWH structures. The impact on water availability
is positive, almost halving the period of water stress. Climate change will have a big
impact on the water availability provided by the Vallerani RWH structures. The most
important factor of climate change on the viability of the Vallerani RWH structures is the
rainfall intensity.

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Sprong, Coen

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