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Library Food Security Profile

Food Security Profile

Food Security Profile

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October 2008
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This Report summarizes the
findings of the Food Security Profiling assessment carried
out across the Dry Zone, especially
in Magway Division in August 2008.
This is the first time a Food Security Prof
iling exercises has been conducted in the Dry
Zone by the WFP and its Cooperating Partne
rs, including OISCA, TDH, REAM, ADRA,
and World Vision and the line department for Dryzone Department of Development
Affairs. This profile attempts to present a sn
apshot of household food security in the Dry
Zone; 463 households in 59 villages under WFP project area of 6 townships: Pakokku,
Pauk, Yesagyo, Natmauk, Chauk & Yenanchaung were covered under this assessment. It
should be noted that the sample size has statistical limitations. However care was taken to
ensure that the geographic coverage of the sample was considerable.
The Dry Zone area is one of the
more critical areas in the Union
where the fragile ecosystem (a
result of natural and human
behaviour) has had adverse effects
on household food security.
Magway Division includes a vast
semi-arid lowland surrounded by
Mandalay Division the East and
the Rahine Yoma and Chin hills
on the West, Bago Division on the
South and Sagaing Division in the
north. The region also includes
two major rivers, Ayeyarwady and
Chindwin that flow through the
Dry Zone from North to South
towards the Delta. Average annual
rainfall is low (500 to 1000 mm)
compared to 5000 mm in other
parts of the country...

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