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B. Aeropuerto Región Autónoma de la Costa Caribe Norte
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The Centre for the Indigenous Peoples’ Autonomy and Development (CADPI) is a social organisation dedicated to research and studying of issues related with the indigenous peoples in Nicaragua, regional in Central America and Latin America and on a global level.

CADPI works to strengthen the local capacities in the autonomous governments through consultations and counselling on issues of autonomic management leading to solutions of social problems. The activities realized by CADPI include indigenous peoples' rights and autonomy, rights of indigenous women, cultural revitalization, intercultural communication, climate change and indigenous peoples.

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The “Capacity development programme on the VGGT applied for and with indigenous peoples” in Central America was conducted with the Centro para la Autonomia y Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indigenas (CADPI). It brought together Indigenous Peoples Representatives and Experts from different countries in the Central America Region (Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama), including representatives of the national/regional/local governments.

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