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This is the profile for all governmental institutions of Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Kingdom of Swaziland).

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December, 2005

The draft of the constitution was vetted by the people at Tinkhundla and Sibaya meetings before being approved by Parliament and signed by the President.

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March, 1961

An Act to make provision authorising the acquisition of property for public and other purposes and for setting the amount of any compensation to be paid or any matter in difference.

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Aim: to integrate the smallholder sub-sector into the commercial economy through the provision of irrigation infrastructure to permit the intensification and diversification of high-value crops and to arrest negative health impacts and environmental degradation. LUSIP provided a complete package of measures empowering smallholders to benefit from access to valuable water resources. It aimed to create favourable conditions so that farmers in the lower Usuthu basin were able to commercialize their activities and develop sustainable, high-value crop production.

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