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Groupe de Recherches et d'Echanges Technologiques (GRET) (French, Group For Research and Technology Exchanges) is a non-governmental association supporting international cooperation, professional solidarity and poverty reduction in the countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. It was established in the late 1970s.

Its activities include implementation of field projects, expertise, studies, research, running information and exchange networks. The main spheres of attention are:

  • Access to Essential Services
  • Sustainable Food and Agriculture
  • Institutional Development, Actors, Territories
  • Information and Communication for Development
  • Microfinance and Small Enterprise
  • Public Policies and International Regulations.

The Association is financed mainly by the European Union, the World Bank, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Development Agency and also by the Asian Development Bank, Unicef, USAID and many others. 

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Library Resource
Journal Articles & Books
May, 2019

La revue bibliographique et les communications présentées dans ce numéro de « Regards sur le foncier » sont issues de journées d’études organisées par le Comité technique « Foncier & développement » dans le cadre du chantier de réflexion collective sur les « Systèmes agraires et l’accès des jeunes à la terre ».

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Institutional & promotional materials
December, 2018
Western Africa

Agroecology being diverse and multidimensional, a broad range of issues were addressed such as the fundamental role of crop biodiversity, the highly preoccupying status of agrochemical use in the region, the need for appropriate-scale machinery, the importance of innovative and  participatory intervention mechanisms, the recognition and integration of Indigenous Knowledge, the capacity building of the new generation, the marketing of agroecological products…

Three main take home messages emerged from all the discussions:

Library Resource
Institutional & promotional materials
December, 2018
Madagascar, Western Africa

Cette note de synthèse reprend les présentations et les débats qui ont nourri l’atelier sur les trajectoires de politiques foncières en Afrique de l’Ouest et à Madagascar, organisé du 15 au 19 janvier 2018 à Saint-Louis du Sénégal, à l’initiative du Comité technique « Foncier & développement » de la Coopération française (CTFD).

Library Resource
Journal Articles & Books
December, 2018

The research provides a holistic overview of the key changes that affected Northern Chin society from pre-colonial times up to now in villages close to Hakha town where State penetration was stronger than in more remote

areas. The study sheds light on the overlapping and evolving statutory and customary land systems and on the issues faced by contemporary Chin communities as they seek to govern land and natural resources.

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