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Land Core Group is a Myanmar NGO based in Yangon that works to raise awareness of land issues, and promote policy reform to support small scale farmers and forest dependent peoples throughout Myanmar. Our project activities are as follows

- Conduct research on various aspects of land issues

- Land Rights and Land Law TOT and grassroots trainings

- Advocacy to promote stronger land tenure in policy and law

- Coordination and networking through the broader LCG network

- Information, education and public awareness on land issues and land rights including production of materials, videos and information exchange such as through the mylaff document repository

Land Core Group Resources

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Library Resource
Policy Papers & Briefs
December, 2017
Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam

A discussion paper on civil society's participation in land policy-making, focused on the pre-consultation phase of Myanmar's National Land Use Policy. Written by Eben Forbes, with research assistance from Dr. Nu Nu Khin and
Yadana Than Htaik, and published by Land Core Group, Loka Ahlinn and Mekong Region Land Governance in February 2017.

Library Resource
Reports & Research
February, 2017

In October 2014, for the first time in recent history, the government of Myanmar decided to organize a public consultation to inform the development of a national policy. To support this consultation process, several organizations decided to organize civil society pre-consultation activities to listen and gather concerns from smallholder farmers to formulate relevant recommendations for the policy dialogue.

Library Resource
Reports & Research
March, 2016

This document highlights, in English and Burmese, some key chapters of the National Land Use Policy: Objectives...Grants and Leases of Land at the Disposal of Government...Procedures related to Land Acquisition, Relocation, Compensation, Rehabilitation and Restitution...Land Use Rights of the Ethnic Nationalities...Equal Rights of Men and Women...Harmonization of Laws and Enacting New Law...Monitoring and Evaluation...Research and Development.

Library Resource
Reports & Research
February, 2016

Outline of a Pilot Approach towards Cadastral Registration of Customary
Communal Land Tenure in Myanmar....."...The objectives of the study were to identify legal ways using the Farmland Law 2012 and
Association Law 2014 to protect through land registration the untitled agricultural uplands,
including the fallows of upland shifting cultivation that are possessed by ethnic nationalities
that manage their lands under customary communal tenure. The risk of possible alienation of

Geographical focus: 

The recent transition to market economy and
creation of land market has led to increased land
speculation. In the face of weak legal frameworks
and institutions for their protection, the land access
of women and men farmers, especially those
(mostly ethnic minorities) living in upland shifting
cultivation areas, is at risk. Land governance will
be a central issue in any political dialogue with
ethnic leaders. The rapidly evolving political
environment presents both opportunities and risks
for equitable land governance.

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