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The Malawi Legal Information Institute (MalawiLII) is one of few resources providing free access to the law of Malawi.

On MalawiLII you can download free:

  • The most current and complete digital collection of Malawi caselaw from all courts of record in Malawi
  • Laws of Malawi, 2010
  • A selection of Malawi legislation as enacted (1965 - 2012) (currently being uploaded. Contact us if you need specific documents)


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Library Resource

An Act to make provision for the Registration of Title to Land, and for dealings in land so registered, and for purposes connected therewith.

Malawi, Africa, Eastern Africa

The Act makes provision for the registration of title in land and related matters. The Act also defines characteristics of various rights in land, sets out the effects of registration if title in land and provides for the acquisition of land by prescription.As for the administration of land registration, there shall be land registry offices and officers for each registration district. The Act also concerns co-proprietorship and partition.

Library Resource

An Act to provide for the ascertainment of rights and interests in customary land; for the better agricultural development of customary land and for other purposes connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Malawi, Africa, Eastern Africa

“Customary land”, “private land” and “public land” shall bear the same meaning in this Act as in the Land Act. The Minister may apply the provisions of this Act to areas in which, according to the Minister, ascertainment of interests in customary land or the agricultural development of such land require the application of provisions of this Act.

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