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Community Organizations National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System
National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System
National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System
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Chris Baars
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+31 70 349 44 50


Den Haag
Zuid Holland
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National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System (NARCIS) is the main Dutch national portal for those looking for information about researchers and their work. NARCIS aggregates data from around 30 institutional repositories. Besides researchers, NARCIS is also used by students, journalists and people working in educational and government institutions as well as the business sector.


NARCIS provides access to scientific information, including (open access) publications from the repositories of all the Dutch universities, KNAW, NWO and a number of research institutes, datasets from some data archives as well as descriptions of research projects, researchers and research institutes.


This means that NARCIS cannot be used as an entry point to access complete overviews of publications of researchers (yet). However, there are more institutions that make all their scientific publications accessible via NARCIS. By doing so, it will become possible to create much more complete publication lists of researchers.


In 2004, the development of NARCIS started as a cooperation project of KNAW Research Information, NWO, VSNU and METIS, as part of the development of services within the DARE programme of SURFfoundation. This project resulted in the NARCIS portal, in which the DAREnet service was incorporated in January 2007. NARCIS has been part of DANS since 2011.


DANS - Data Archiving and Networked Services - is the Netherlands Institute for permanent access to digital research resources. DANS encourages researchers to make their digital research data and related outputs Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. 



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Modelling transformational adaptation to climate change among crop farming systems in Romagna, Italy

Journal Articles & Books
March, 2021

As the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector has begun to manifest itself in its severity, adaptation planning has come under scrutiny for favoring the preservation of status-quo conditions over more substantial changes. The uptake of transformational adaptations, involving a significant re-structuring of the agricultural system, is however hindered by a lack of assessment tools capable of quantifying the effects of these often more complex, far-reaching, and unprecedented changes.

Modeling urban development and its exposure to river flood risk in Southeast Asia

Journal Articles & Books
March, 2021

Countries in Southeast Asia have been developing quickly from a predominantly rural to predominantly urban society, leading to a rapid increase in urban land. This increase in urban land has mainly occurred in river deltas and floodplains, exposing humans and human assets to flood hazard. Here we present an assessment of current and future flood risk in five countries of mainland Southeast Asia, using a new modeling approach that accounts for differences in urban land systems.

Digital mapping of the soil thickness of loess deposits over a calcareous bedrock in central France

Journal Articles & Books
March, 2021

Soil thickness (ST) plays an important role in regulating soil processes, vegetation growth and land suitability. Therefore, it has been listed as one of twelve basic soil properties to be delivered in GlobalSoilMap project. However, ST prediction has been reported with poor performance in previous studies. Our case study is located in the intensive agriculture Beauce area, central France. In this region, the ST mainly depends on the thickness of loess (TOL) deposits over a calcareous bedrock.

Examining the effects of green revolution led agricultural expansion on net ecosystem service values in India using multiple valuation approaches

Journal Articles & Books
March, 2021

Ecosystem Services (ESs) are bundles of natural processes and functions that are essential for human well-being, subsistence, and livelihoods. The ‘Green Revolution’ (GR) has substantial impact on the agricultural landscape and ESs in India. However, the effects of GR on ESs have not been adequately documented and analyzed. This leads to the main hypothesis of this work – ‘the incremental trend of ESs in India is mainly prompted by GR led agricultural innovations that took place during 1960 - 1970’. The analysis was carried out through five successive steps.

Inclusionary Housing: An Evaluation of a New Public Rental Housing Governance Instrument in China

Journal Articles & Books
March, 2021

Inclusionary housing (IH) is a regulatory instrument adopted by local governments in many countries to produce affordable housing by capturing resources created through the marketplace. In order to assess whether it is efficient, scholarly attention has been widely focused on its evaluation. However, there is a lack of studies evaluating IH from a governance perspective.