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Conservamos la vida silvestre y los paisajes naturales en todo el mundo a través de ciencia aplicada, acciones concretas de conservación y educación, e inspirando a las personas a valorar la naturaleza.



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September, 2022

À Madagascar, le Programme de Gestion durable de la faune sauvage (ou Sustainable Wildlife Management «SWM» Programme) est mis en œuvre autour du Parc Naturel Makira pour promouvoir la conservation de la biodiversité et améliorer les conditions de vie des populations.


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June, 2015

In the fields of environmental governance and biodiversity conservation, there is a growing awareness that gender has an influence on resource use and management. Several studies argue that empowering women in resource governance can lead to beneficial outcomes for resource sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Yet how robust is the evidence to support this claim?

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Edom Development Group Plans to train rural peasant farmers on climate change Agriculture using agro- forestry and conservation agriculture, providing free training and improved planting materials to 5000 rural farmers practicing traditional agriculture characterized by serious problem of land degradation, soil erosion, low-crops yield and falling soil fertility.

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