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The aim of the Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia is:

To foster the growth of the private wildlife estate and especially its national contribution to food production and security, job creation and community development, wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation and private sector development.

This aim will be achieved via 6 specific lines of business which are:

To stimulate the interest of non-member, especially indigenous Zambians, Zambian companies or communities to become a wildlife producer and member;
To provide technical information and advice to members and non-member in the private management, production, care and trade of wildlife;
To provide information and advice to members on the laws, procedures and practices of the Government, its agencies and authorities;
To represent members, and defend their interests, on private wildlife estate technical, legal and policies issues that may affect all the estate and its members;
To centralize and analyse information and statistics on the private wildlife estate and report to members and relevant government authority;
To represent with members, partners and clients, by delegation, the wildlife authority, as agreed with said authority.

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Reports & Research
January 2013


The reasons why they are not functioning as ecologically or economically productive buffer zones and what needs to change for them to fulfil that role

Zambia, 2013 

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