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Mr. Ali D. Kaba is a Senior Researcher and Program Coordinator at the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI). He coordinates SDI’s Community Land Protection Program activities, and supervises the organization’s Early Warning System (EWS). The Early Warning System provides communities with information and support to enhance their capacity to negotiate with national and international investors.


Mr. Kaba has more than 8 years of field research experience and implemented numerous projects on collective tenure registration, community self-identification, participatory sketch map making, and customary land governance – community land use and management systems. Mr. Kaba has extensive experience in policy advocacy and analysis.  Mr. Kaba worked extensively with the Liberian Land Commission, and helped draft the country’s new Land Rights Policy. He was one of eight national experts that worked on Liberia’s short-to-mid-term development agenda calls the National Vision 2030. He has also participated n projects in Uganda, Ethiopia, Liberia, and Nigeria, and provides supports to national and international initiatives and projects on customary tenure.


Mr. Kaba is a published author of numerous articles and tools, and co-author two books on customary land rights.



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