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Stephen Tun

Stephen Nyein Han Tun is a MA graduate student of RCSD, CMU. He could finish his degree in 2019. In early 2020, he has volunteered as a humanitarian worker to help relief for the marginalised ethnic groups amongst Ta'ang hill-tribe lands. He also helps the local Ta'ang CSOs for writing the proposal, strategic planning workshop, translation and edition for the fund proposals and research concept training. He is a Ta'ang person and from the highlands of Northern Shan State and originally from Namhsan township which is the capital of the Ta'ang people in Myanmar. He has many International experiences, for example, attending scientific writing workshops (IRD), Regional Land Forum, KNOTS Conference and. He also volunteered as an assistant of Professor at Capacity Building Workshop. He wrote a MA Thesis and articles regarding tea farming society, tea economy, land and environmental relation, livelihood security, the bundle of rights and socio-politics. He has also involved in Cambridge University Southeast Asian Society's online webinar with young scholars to talk about human rights abuses during Covid-19 pandemic period in Myanmar. Through this chance, he has the opportunity to write two articles and publish at Strengthening Human Rights and Peace Research (SHAPE-SEA). Now he is writing many articles regarding human rights, election, gender, customary land tenure rights and peace research with SHAPE-SEA and IRD. He has an ability to engage with the professional relationship, gentleness, kindness and respects the different identity, and he always prioritises responsibility, transparency and humanity. He is also finding research opportunity and collaboration with International community. He now dedicates for social research and policy development, human rights and land rights and environmental justice for the marginalised hill-tribe peoples in Shan State.


Yangon, Myanmar
11161 Yangon

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