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Costa Rica

Costa Rica stands out for its efforts to protect the environment, with 26% of its territory protected. This, together with increasing urbanisation, has had an impact on agriculture, a declining sector. Land governance poses challenges with regard to land titling, the effective practice of indigenous peoples' land rights and the lack of updated data on gender differences in the countryside.
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The green veins of our concrete cities

28 February 2023

It’s Saturday morning. Children, teens, homemakers, senior citizens and other residents have gathered, all ready to work for a common goal: to reclaim this green space for their community. The diverse group hatches their plans under an awning that protects them from the sun, the kind that warms…

Costa Rica Obtiene Prestigioso Galardón Medioambiental Earthshot Prize

17 October 2021

San José. Por su exitoso modelo de conservación, Costa Rica fue galardonada con el Premio Earthshot en la categoría Proteger y Restaurar la Naturaleza, otorgado por la Royal Foundation para incentivar el cambio y ayudar a reparar el planeta durante los próximos diez años, una década crucial para la…

Costa Rica indigenous leader shot amid tensions over land rights

17 February 2020

An indigenous leader leading his people’s effort to reclaim ancestral land in Costa Rica has been wounded in a gun attack – the latest in a spate of targeted violence which has gone unpunished by authorities. Mainor Ortiz Delgado, 29, a leader of the Bribri indigenous people in Salitre, Puntarenas…

Costa Rica


Particularly noteworthy is the action of indigenous women to reclaim land, despite the threats they receive for doing so, in response to government inaction. The women land recuperators of Térraba, Salitre, Cabagra and China Kichá have come together to elaborate, with the support of the United Nations Population Fund, the Agenda of Indigenous Women in Defense of the Territories of the South. 

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Prindex - Perceptions of tenure security

Webinar: An introduction to Prindex, 28 November

Around the world, insecure property rights prevent families from feeling confident about the future, businesses from investing, and communities from becoming more productive. Hundreds of millions of us lack property security. This makes the world poorer, less free, and less just. There is a growing…