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Will Sabahans Choose Malaysia Or Philippines?
28 December 2020

This commentary was written by Anna Malindog-Uy for the ASEAN Post and selected as one of the top stories of 2020

Main photo: this file photo shows an armed Malaysian policeman manning a security checkpoint in Lahad Datu, Sabah. (AFP Photo)


Restoring indigenous peoples’ rights to land
27 December 2020

This blog was written by Sidi Munan as a column in the Borneo Post

Main photo: MPs from Sarawak should initiate a move to legislate for Sarawak in the case of native land rights. — Bernama file photo


Five mega-trends affecting forests will have profound impacts on local communities
15 December 2020

We need to understand the consequences of technology, migration, climate shifts, infrastructure and a growing middle class on forest-dependent people

The fifth anniversary of the signing of the Paris Agreement offers a moment to reflect on progress towards global climate goals. When it comes to protecting the world’s forests, which are essential to global and national efforts to combat climate change and biodiversity loss, there has been little – if any – progress.

The disaster for Barbudans and their fragile homeland continues
14 December 2020
Line Algoed
John Mussington
Dr. Liz Alden Wily
Antigua and Barbuda

"Land is not commodity" VFVL law campaign poster in Kayah State
11 December 2020

Yesterday, on International Human Rights Day, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands announced that Saw Eh Say, the coordinator from the Kayah Earthrights Action Network (KEAN), received the 2020 Human Rights Tulip Myanmar Award for his great efforts to promote the right to land in Myanmar. The Human Rights Tulip is an annual award of the Dutch government for outstanding and courageous human rights defenders.

International Anti-Corruption Day: Recover with Integrity by Tackling Land Corruption
9 December 2020
Mr. Neil Sorensen
Latin America and the Caribbean

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain, and corrupt practices in the context of land administration and land management have come to be known as ‘land corruption.’ Unfortunately, land corruption is all too common, with one in every five people across the globe paying bribes to access land services. 

8 December 2020
Mr. Tim Hanstad

In recent months, supreme courts from India to Nigeria and Zimbabwe have issued historic opinions recognizing and

Implementing land trust in Bangladesh
6 December 2020

Blog by Monzur Hossain and Naoyuki Yoshino, reposted from the Financial Express, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world but with a land-man ratio of 0.06 ha per person, it occupies the lowest rank. The increasing population begets an increasing demand for non-agricultural land which further contributes to an aberrant hike in land price. This obstructs investment opportunities and cuts down affordable housing facilities for the common people.

Uncontrolled deforestation
4 December 2020
Mr. Francisco Carranza
Ms. Joan Waithira Mwangi
Dr. Maria Paola Rizzo
Mrs. Francesca Romano
Latin America and the Caribbean

For centuries, people around the world in the continents of Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America have been living off the forests and other natural resources to sustain their livelihoods, their cultural practices and sometimes even religious rituals.

The Great Soybean Expansion: Miracle or Curse?
2 December 2020
Dr. Marcello De Maria
Ms. Amayaa Wijesinghe

The global soybean trade was worth about 9.5 billion of US dollars in 2000. By the end of this year – in 2020 – it is projected to exceed 60 billion[1]. This is just one of the many figures that explains why the last two decades might be remembered as the Great Soybean Expansion, the period when soybean became one of the most traded commodities in the world – but also one of the most controversial.

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