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Oil Palm Plantation, Sarawak, Malaysia
27 July 2018
Tania Li
South-Eastern Asia

Large scale land grabs are often sites of immediate and sometimes violent mobility, as people are evicted and obliged to move elsewhere. The term “grab” signals abruptness.

26 July 2018
Stacey Zammit

In the midst of last week's High Level Political Forum, we took a few moments out and a few steps away from the conference rooms, to speak with women's land rights defender Ms. Joan Carling.  Having recently fallen victim to unfounded terrorist accusations, along with several of her colleague from the Philippines, her message is loud and clear.  Women such as herself, most particularly indigenous women, will continue to ensure that they are heard.  

23 July 2018
Joseph Feyertag
Anna Locke
Democratic Republic of the Congo

How do we make land-based agricultural investments more inclusive, particularly regarding land rights? This was the focus of the agenda as LEGEND held the 6th UK Land Policy Forum on July 11 2018, with lively discussions from all involved – including government, DFIs, academics and land-related CSOs.

17 July 2018
Stacey Zammit

This week’s High Level Political Forum, has been an almost dizzying extravaganza, featuring hundreds of side events and welcoming delegates from countries around the world.  Taking place at UN Headquarters in New York City, the Forum’s participants have thus far delved into some of the world’s most complex ecological, economic and social problems. From peace and security, to human rights and development, the High Level Political Forum has been covering it all. 

16 July 2018
Dr. Emmanuel Urey
Mr. Tyler Roush

In the fading afternoon light, Kou Berpa leads a small group out to a patch of land a short distance off of the main road in Ganta, Liberia.

The land is strewn with rocks and dried vegetation. The jagged remains of a tree stump consume one corner. It’s easy to miss the green shoots scattered across the grounds – the beginnings of a crop of corn that Kou has planted.

11 July 2018
Laura Notess
Mr. Peter Veit

The Santa Clara de Uchunya community has lived in a remote section of the Peruvian Amazon for generations. Like many indigenous groups, this community of the Shipibo-Konibo people have traditionally managed and relied on forests for hunting, fishing and natural resources.

But in 2014, someone started cutting down large sections of the community’s ancestral forests.

“A woman has long hair but a short brain”
9 July 2018
Lkhamdulam Natsagdorj

Reflections on an old Mongolian saying


At a recent gender training session in Mongolia, a middle-aged man used the old Mongolian saying that “a woman has long hair and a short brain” when we asked participants to name some of the main characteristics of women and men. I was glad that he was corrected by a much older man, who pointed out that the saying relates to traditional gender roles that are already very different from what they were just a few years ago.

9 July 2018
Dr. Justine N. UVUZA
Ms. Amy Coughenour Betancourt

Few people dispute the transformational impact of the “green revolution” in agriculture that eradicated famine in countries from Mexico to India just over 50 years ago. But as gains in agricultural production have again begun to slow, there are calls for a second green revolution to meet the growing food security needs of the planet.

30 June 2018

Por : Wilmar Harley Castillo Amorocho (Rebelión)

En Colombia ha sido histórico que el campesinado se movilice por la tener la tierra y trabajarla con fines populares. Agricultura orgánica, producción de alimentos, comercialización en redes locales, junto al despliegue de dinámicas sociales y políticas alrededor de la tierra, cuyo proceso crea otro tipo de relacionamiento entre las personas, con la naturaleza y con el resto de comunidades. Es decir, se construye territorio.

Land is the maker and the marker of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
6 July 2018
Frits van der Wal

Land is the maker and the marker of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  For the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), our aim is to contribute squarely to relevant land-related results where solutions exist and actions are needed, which is at subnational or national levels in countries. We work with national and local governments as well as with other locally mandated actors that in most cases get assistance from international organisations .

4 July 2018
Beth Roberts

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent unprecedented and increasing global recognition of land rights—especially women’s land rights. Leaders across the globe have included three land-specific sex-disaggregated indicators:

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