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20 June 2018
Noel Taylor

As more than 1,000 global leaders in land rights gather in Washington, D.C., next week for the annual World Bank Land and Poverty conference, there will, no doubt, be much discussion focused on gathering data to measure global progress toward documenting and strengthening land rights for all women and men.

We cannot wait indefinitely – interim options for land reform
18 June 2018
Sobantu Mzwakali
South Africa

The failure to secure the property rights of rural communities shows a clear policy gap between citizens and rights to land as per the Constitution and the attitude and practices of the state, traditional leaders, white farmers and mining companies in relation to such rights. 

5 June 2018
Mrs. Patricia Maria Queiroz Chaves

A Q&A with Patricia Chaves from Espaço Feminista, Brazil, explains the discrepancies in accessing property and inheritance rights for women in Brazil as well as data that helps to inform grassroots women about their rights.  The piece also provides powerful accounts of women's personal experiences.  

1 June 2018
Dr. Liz Alden Wily

The back has been broken on legal denial of community property. This is the conclusion of a study of land laws in 100 countries.

Laos agriculture
30 May 2018

Moderated by Kalpana Giri from RECOFTC, the panel on "Land Governance and Gender" featured a diverse round of gender experts discussing the inseparability of gender equality and good land governance.  With talk of gender more prominent than ever, the session was certainly an interesting and poignant way to close out day two of the Forum!

Flickr Thailand agriculture
29 May 2018

The Second Regional Land Forum kicked off in Bangkok, Thailand in the early morning of May 28th and the opening session was certainly one to remember! Live drones, talk of big data and using NASA related technology to propel land rights forward, were but a few of the impressive topics on the table. Participants gathered to hear a variety of ‘flash talks’, quick yet effective pitches about notable initiatives relating to data, technology and land rights.

Cambodian farmers sue Thai sugar group Mitr Phol over alleged land grab
23 May 2018

Sophorn Poch, Director of the Independent Mediation Organization (IMG), gives us some insights into his involvement with the Second Regional Land Forum as well as his hopes in terms of the Forum's outcomes.  

21 May 2018

Organized by the Mekong Regional Land Governance (MRLG) project and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the Second Regional Land Forum will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from the 28-30 May.


17 May 2018

Access to justice is a key governance concern in developed and developing countries alike. Community legal workers aim to help poor or comparatively powerless people defend themselves against land grabs, obtain public services, and challenge corruption. Can this bottom-up approach counter powerful interests seeking to entrench their control? Can legal empowerment help respond to rising authoritarianism and repression of civil society?

22 April 2018


Desde la invasión de las Américas –lo que es conocido como “descubrimiento” – por los colonizadores europeos, el conflicto por la tierra siempre fue una constante en la historia de estos territorios. Indígenas, pueblos originarios, campesinos y comunidades quilombolas[1], entre otros actores que luchan por el derecho a la tierra, son el cuerpo resistente al proceso de colonización que nunca terminó.

Goats getting ready for milking in the Khovd Province of Mongolia. Photo credit: © Eddie Game / The Nature Conservancy
4 May 2018
Harold Liversage

This blog builds upon Harold Liversage's presentation during the Global Land Tools Network's seventh partners meeting, which took place in Nairobi, Kenya from 23-27 April, 2017. Harold Liversage is currently the Chair of the Global Donor Working Group on Land.


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