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The original names of the hills, trees, rivers, animals and Bosawas basins are preserved in the Mayangna language. This is proof that these [lands] have been inhabited and cared for by our ancestors,” said Esteban López, vice president of one of the seven indigenous governments that administrate semi-autonomous areas in northern Nicaragua.

Maputo, Sep 18, 2011 (Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) -- About 1,000 women demonstrated on Friday in front of the City Council heaquarters in the central port of Beira , demanding just compensation for land and crops they are losing because of the construction of the new Beira port coal terminal.

Des géants indiens de l’agroalimentaire achètent ou louent de vastes surfaces arables en Éthiopie, en Ouganda et en Tanzanie.

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