Development of 3D Spatial Database Enabled IT Framework for Land Agencies: Case Studies of Delhi, India and Prague, Czech Republic | Land Portal

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March 2021
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Rapid urbanization has led vertical infrastructural growth in different countries with differing economic development levels and social systems. The two cities, Prague and Delhi, are the capital cities of their respective countries and have significant vertical developments. However, the two cities represent the urban areas from countries having different economic development levels. The land agencies need to keep monitoring and managing the developments in a city. The paper proposes a conceptual 3D spatial database enabled IT framework for land agencies. A monostrand multiple case study approach reviews the current practices, existing spatial data systems and programmes with 3D components, initiatives taken to create digital spatial database and potential for 3D spatial database in the two cities. The policy drivers for creation and use of 3D spatial database for land agencies are presented. The current legal and planning landscape and the institutional arrangements related to land and property development have been studied considering the scope for the development of 3D data. Further, a conceptual 3D spatial database enabled IT framework for better land administration, planning, development and management functioning is proposed. The proposed framework can make a difference providing interconnectivity, ease of access and usage, time and cost efficiency, enhanced organizational coordination and spatial data information-based decision-making process.

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Ghawana, Tarun
Janečka, Karel
Zlatanova, Sisi


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