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Library Regional developments [In 2016 Global Food Policy Report]

Regional developments [In 2016 Global Food Policy Report]

Regional developments [In 2016 Global Food Policy Report]

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December 2016
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In addition to global events and food policy changes, 2015 also saw important developments with potentially wide repercussions in individual countries and regions. This chapter offers perspectives on major food policy developments across the major regions: Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. The individual regional sections cover many critical topics: Facing climate risks and growing populations with regional cooperation and accountability in Africa; Growing refugee populations, food insecurity, and conflict in the Middle East and North Africa; Vulnerability to external shocks and falling remittances that increase Central Asia’s food insecurity; New policies for food safety, nutrition, and financial and social inclusion in South Asia; Expected impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in East Asia; Latin America and the Caribbean’s contribution to global food security and global environmental public goods

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Badiane, Ousmane; Makombe, Tsitsi; Collins, Julia; Khouri, Nadim; Breisinger, Clemens; Akramov, Kamiljon T.; Park, Allen; Joshi, Pramod Kumar; Ahmed, Akhter U.; Davies, Stephen; Kumar, Anjani; Chen, Kevin Z.; Timmer, Peter; Chiang, Longwen; Díaz-Bonilla, Eugenio; Torero, Máximo