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STATISTIK INDONESIA 2019 Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia 2019

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December 2019
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ISSN: 0126-2912; No. Publikasi/Publication Number: 03220.1911; Katalog/Catalog: 1101001
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Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia 2019 is an annual publication presenting various data from BPS-Statistics Indonesia and other agencies. The publication provides general pictures of geographic and climate conditions, government, as well as key socio-demographic and economic characteristics of Indonesia. The data in some particular tables are presented at provincial and international level to compare socio-economic condition inter-regions and inter-countries. Technical notes for each statistics are also featured in this publication to provide a better understanding in interpreting the data.

Since 2013, The Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia has been published earlier compared to previous years, so the data are presented with one-year lag. In line with the increasing consumer data needs, the contents and the structure of this publication have been continuously improved. The arrangement of statistical tables by provinces is orderly presented under the Chief Statistician Regulation No. 40 of 2014, with the inclusion of new province of Kalimantan Utara. This publication and a series of the tables by subject can be read and downloaded on our website ( for free as our commitment to provide an immediate and easier access to the data. This edition also comes with infographics for some featured data on the chapter breaks and information on some tables indicating Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) indicators.

The release of this publication has been made possible due to the assistance and contribution of various government institutions and private organizations. To all parties who have contributed in the completion of this publication, we would like to express our high appreciation and gratitude. Hopefully this publication will be a useful resource for variety of purposes. Feedback and suggestions to improve the publication are always welcomed.

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Editor: Sub-directorate of Statistical Compilation and Publication


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